Tuesday, October 10, 2006

No Muslim, no headlines

On thursday and friday, September 28 and 29, the UK police stormed two houses in Colne and Nelson (Lancashire, UK). In the first one, "rocket launchers, chemicals" and "a nuclear or biological suit" were found. One man was arrested, and "charged with being in possession of an explosive substance for an unlawful purpose" (North-West Evening Mail). In the other house, the police found "bomb-making equipment", most notably "the largest amount of chemical explosives of its kind ever found in the country" (!), and arrested another man (The Burnley Citizen). As the history of terror the UK has known during the IRA years provided for a whole lot of busts of all sorts and quantities of explosives, 'the largest amount ever', even if of a particular kind only, must mean something significant.

Both arrested men have already appeared before court, and been charged under the Explosives Substances Act 1883. One prosecutor declared that the pair had "some kind of master plan" (Pendle Today).

Wouldn't that sound newsworthy to you ? Wouldn't you expect to read about it all over the UK national press, and the international media ?

In that case, expect again : the only mention outside the (very) local media linked above, was a few lines lost somewhere in The Times. Everywhere else, one can only heed a thundering silence. No Sun, No Mirror, no BBC, no SkyNews, and no Channel 4. No non-stop headlines, no 'Breaking News' ticker on CNN. Nothing.

Is that because the two men arrested aren't the (usual) muslims (suspects), but westernly white, far-right extremists ? One of them, Robert Cottage (49), "stood as a candidate in the Pendle Council elections in May", for the BNP (British National Party). The other, David Bolus Jackson (62), is a retired dentist also linked to the BNP.

After the Forest Gate debacle, one would think the police and media would be glad to have a real terrorist plot to advertise. A real plot, where they'd actually found real explosives and real weapons, unlike the "liquid plot" which sparked massive hysteria in August, and changed the procedures for boarding planes all over the globe although no bomb-making material was ever found anywhere. This time, the curious one meets silence only. Or, a 'reassuring' statement from Superintendent Neil Smith, regarding one of the arrested men and his house : "he's not a terrorist and it's not a bomb-making factory". In short, muslims not possessing explosives are immediately labeled terrorists, while anglicans caught with explosives and "a master plan" are deemed safe before full investigation, and get some cover from the local police chief.

I know that facts and logic have long deserted the Western media, but I just can't get used to it.

There's another side to the story, which is uncorroborated, yet legit, speculation. I can't help relating this bust, and the comparable raid in Belgium last month, with the modus operandi of Operation Gladio : high ranked string pullers would manipulate far-right/neo-fascist organizations into conducting bombings which would eventually be blamed on designated-as-enemy left-wing groups. The essence of the modern false flag attack.

In the present cases, it's -very- weird that no muslim ever gets caught with explosives before a bombing, while these right-wing groups which do possess explosives (occasionally getting caught red-handed) apparently never make use of them : when was the last bombing attributed to neo-fascists in your area ?

One possible explanation is that somehow, (magically?), right wing bombs become 'muslim attacks' when they do explode. The merit of that hypothesis being that it fits the available facts.


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